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Meet the Girls Behind the Princesses...

Hi my name is Xandria! I thought I’d take a moment to introduce the girls behind the princesses you see here at Princess Prep and encourage all you hardworking homeschool mamas!

I myself was homeschooled from fourth grade until graduating early at 16, and it was truly such a blessing. It was evident from a young age that I was created to be creative, and I don't know where I would be if my wonderful parents hadn't cultivated the supportive school environment that they did!

My parents tell me I was songwriting before I even knew how to write by drawing pictures for the words and squiggly lines to remember the melody. I also randomly decided one day that I was going to figure out how to design and create a raisin box all by myself out of printer paper… and this was in pre-school! 

Well, the point I’m making is that homeschooling gave me the flexibility to try things and bring to life the ideas and dreams that God placed in my heart.

The idea for Princess Prep Academy was birthed at 12 years old when I had the idea, "What if princesses could teach the valuable character traits that parents are always trying to instill and make them stick?"

Our secret? We speak to her in her own language! This program disguises the “etiquette” factor so that she won’t immediately rebel; instead she’ll see it as a privilege to be training as a princess!”

Fast forward 8 years and now that mission has turned to reality! The bible says “Where two or more are gathered in my name, there I am among them.” Turns out I wasn’t alone in my mission and God was preparing a fellow warrior woman to join me in this endeavor…

It doesn’t take much looking around to see that so many in this generation are suffering from a serious identity crisis. Young girls are being attacked with negative messaging and blatant lies and are left to navigate through them without a strong foundation of faith and Biblical identity. They don’t know that they’re loved by the King of Kings and that they’re already chosen and called to be Royalty! Year ago, when I first launched Crown of Beauty Magazine after graduating High School, I was surprised how many Mother’s of young children approached me, asking, “Will you please create something for my kids? Ministering to teens is great…but my little girls need the truth too!”

Fast-forward several years, and I connected with my amazing partner-in-holy-crime, Xandria! I’ll never forget the moment we were sitting in a booth at Taziki’s, enjoying some delicious Greek food, when Xandria told about the business idea she had as a young girl.

My mouth fell open in surprise. “What?!” I shook my head in disbelief, “You wanted to write a curriculum when you were twelve? I remember being 8-years-old and dictating a homeschool curriculum idea to my Mother!”

I, as a single girl in my twenties, had never met anyone else even remotely interested in writing homeschool curriculum…especially curriculum revolving around Princesses!

It didn’t take long to see that this partnership with Xandria was heaven sent! We had such a blast brainstorming ideas and dreaming about what could be. A few months later, we slowly started to put the puzzle pieces together and create several courses and unit studies!

Princess Prep has been a labor of love! There is still SO much more to come with all the unit studies, learning videos, study guides, and parent resources we dream of creating in the future. But we are truly so excited to come alongside homeschool Mama's with a heart for their daughters to know who they are in Christ. It's such an honor to be able to pour into you and your families!

As a homeschooler myself, I had a pretty good understanding of what types of curriculum and resources were available on the market for Christian parents. As I started researching a bit more, I quickly discovered that there was a strong need for a Bible-based curriculum like Princess Prep! I was SO excited about the idea of creating something like this, but I already had my hands full with Crown of Beauty and working as a full-time author, releasing Christian fiction for the YA teen market. I told myself, “I can’t work on this curriculum right now, I’ll just wait until I’m married and raising little girls of my own, then I’ll begin writing and releasing it at that point.”

My parents noticing the creative gifts chose to foster them and allowed me to dream big which led to many entrepreneurial adventures such as me starting a bottle cap jewelry business that went international when I was eight years old! You might be thinking, “Whoa! This girl was a handful! What does this have to do with princesses?”

Here’s a direct quote from 12 year old Xandria’s business plan that was penned in purple ink: “Do you ever wish that your daughter would actually treat you with respect? Do you struggle with how to get it through to her? Well, we are here to help because a damsel in distress can’t do it all by herself! We’ve developed a program that will teach her in just the right way!



Hi there! My name is Livy and I’m the founder of Crown of Beauty Magazine, an online resource for teen girls, teaching them all about their Royal Identity in Christ. Just like Xandria, I have a passion for all things sparkle and girly! But our love for tiaras and ballgowns goes much deeper than what meets the eye...

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