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Princess Prep Academy is based out of Knoxville and provides premium education, entertainment and character experiences for your little Princess.

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Our goal at Princess Prep Academy is to empower girls to embrace the royalty within them! We are launching an online video platform that offers educational and character building content you can trust. Our mission is to combine Christian values with lovable characters your little ones can learn from, giving you time to focus on other things or take that much needed break.

Ballet with Beauty (Ballet 1) - ONLY $47

Ballet with Beauty is the perfect introduction to dance for any young royal!

Our 4 week course includes 10 video lessons that teach the ballet basics, and all the moves are put together into a fun dance at the end! Feel like the pace is too fast? No worries, go at your own pace with full access to the entirety of the course from day one.

Along with the video library, you will receive downloadable worksheets and coloring pages that further solidify the moves your student is learning while also helping to develop fundamental skills like reading and writing! Once your dancer completes their Ballet 1 training there is a printable certificate to make it official. We want you to get the most out of this course so we’ve also included a parent guide with everything you need to know!

What are you waiting for?! Your little one can start their dance journey today right in your living room!

(P.S. Beauty loves to work with homeschoolers as she was homeschooled too!)