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Princess Prep Academy is based out of Knoxville and provides premium education, entertainment and character experiences for your little Princess.

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​Our characters are not name brand copyrighted characters and are found from public domain stories.

We only accept event bookings from those who are aware that we do not offer any licensed characters. 

In the event that you require a licensed copyrighted character, you should contact the company and/or copyright holder.

Our goal at Princess Prep Academy is to empower girls to embrace the royalty within them! We are launching an online video platform that offers educational and character building content you can trust. Our mission is to combine Christian values with lovable characters your little ones can learn from, giving you time to focus on other things or take that much needed break.

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I can’t enough about how wonderful our experience with the princess was! She is so kind and engaging with the kids. She kept the kids entertained the whole time and were so in character. You can tell that she takes her job and role seriously and her heart to make each child feel special is really amazing to watch. She makes sure they know they are special just as they are, as God made them. From story time to dancing to princess lessons to makeovers, it was great! Highly recommend Princess Prep Academy! Thank you for making our birthday party so magical!

- Annie T.

Princess Aurora came to my daughter’s sixth birthday party, and she was wonderful with all the girls. They had an amazing time, and I know it is a memory that my daughter will cherish, as will I. I highly recommend Princess Prep Academy. 

- Randi A.

10/10 recommend Princess Prep Academy! We had Elsa come to our daughters 5th birthday party and she was AMAZING! She sang, danced, played games, did makeup and story time. Our daughter is still talking months later about how she had the REAL Elsa at her party. She makes ALL of the children feel so special and included. Could go on and on about how great Princess Prep is! 

- Erica L.


We’re so excited to announce the launch of our Sleeping Beauty Unit Study! This study is perfect for ages Pre-K to early elementary. Combining stories, games, crafts, videos and more; your little is sure to enjoy every second of learning with Princess Prep Academy! Click for access!

Let your imagination run wild as you create arts and crafts with Rapunzel! This art program is filled with a variety of crafts and projects such as nature sketching, watercolors, self portraits, pastels, paper mosaics, cardboard crafts and more! You’ll make your own color wheel and learn the basic foundations needed to express your creativity through arts and crafts! Along the way you’ll learn some

fun facts and also hone fine motor skills. 

This program includes:

⁃ A 10+ page guide with everything you need.

⁃ 9 follow along videos taught by Princess Rapunzel herself!

Get instant access below and start learning now! Click for access!

Do you have an American girl with a passion for history and a love for learning? We’ve created a unit study based on the American girl Rebecca! In this unit study we dive into topics such as World War 1, what life might have been like for immigrants in the early 1900’s living in New York City, inventions that emerged around that time, the evolution of the entertainment and film industry, religious freedom, family history, Russian fairytales, the Russian Revolution and why it’s important for people and nations to build their life on the truth of Gods word!  

Included with this unit study is:

⁃ A 30+ page guide full of resources, activities, lesson plans and everything you need to bring learning to life!

⁃ 7 follow along video lessons to go with the unit study that dive deeper into the topics covered, and add an extra element enhancing the interactive learning. 

Get instant access below and start learning now! Click for access!